Feeling free


Don't let our blank calendar fool you—we had a couple of super fun and memorable weeks this June! Early in the month I kept forgetting to fill it in, during the frenzy of those last days of school. By the 15th, I noticed the calendar was still empty and felt sort of amused—seeing the blank slate every time I walked down the hallway gave me this vibe of summer freedom.

The girls had a few camps and swim lessons on their agenda, but otherwise we just hung out and went where the wind blew us. Here's what we've been up to:


June 1 // We spotted the ACTUAL GOODYEAR BLIMP!! It flew overhead during Amy's last softball game. It was in town for the NBA Finals and I promise it was much more impressive than it appears in this photo.


June 2 // Our first day poolin' it with Mimi and all four kids. Not pictured: Mimi, preventing Megan from drowning in this photo, and Russell Jr. sleeping, as per usual.


June 3 // "I almost ready mom"


June 4 // The #1 reason children hijack my phone is to play with Snapchat filters.


June 5 // I don't even know what is going on here.


June 6 // Amy graduated from Pre-K. XOXO to the teachers and staff at this wonderful preschool!


June 7 // Doing our civic duty on Election Day; I'm a big fan of the "I Voted" sticker.


June 8 // "Don't take my picture mom."


June 9 // Sleeping in the morning after the Warriors lost Game 3. He just couldn't face the day.


June 10 // Little sis packed up her classroom and let us come raid her leveled library. Score! More pics from this day on my last post.


June 11 // Megan loves "sparky walla" and looks awfully sophisticated in this photo.


June 12 // (refer to June 4th caption)


June 13 // "Can I hold baby brolla?"


June 14 // Park-surfing while I hold court on my favorite bench at this park.


June 15 // Fairy houses built out of flowers and almonds? apricots? Something mysterious that grows on a tree in our yard.


June 16 // The agony of waiting ten minutes for your play date to arrive.


June 17 // Amy has a new signature dance move, which involves this dramatic toss-back-the-head-and-stroke-the-neck.....?

June 18 // Game 7 was just a day away and I thought Russell might be our good luck charm. We love our Dubs, thanks for a great season!


June 19 // Celebrating our favorite guy.


June 20 // Uh oh, Megan.


June 21 // You can stop growing now thanks.


June 22 // Always seeking shade; this is how I survive summer in the valley.


June 23 // Parked in the day camp pickup line for 1+ hour each day, yikes. Megan got some "driving lessons" and lots of bribery in the form of snacks and Altoids.


June 24 // Our crew after an awesome week at day camp.


June 25 // You must go experience U-Pick in Brentwood! Fun for all ages! But maybe try to choose a day when it's not 101 degrees outside.


June 26 // Cheering on our champ at the Crow Canyon Stroke Play Tournament.


June 27 // Very sad to say goodbye to our pal "Blue" the Honda Pilot. We will always have happy memories of her! This new-to-us truck is rockin' and very spacious. The kids agree that it's a "he" and his name is TBD.


June 28 // I see a broken arm in our future...


June 29 // Doing right by our U-Pick bounty. This was a mixed berry crisp based on Ina's recipe and it was goooood.


June 30 // I can't even. Just a joyful little boy.

So you see, our month was brimming with good times, even though that blank calendar suggested otherwise. Now it's time to fill in the month of July—we're kicking things off with some family time, lots of feasts, and the Fourth of July Parade!


Happy Independence Day!