Today I'm the queen

Tomorrow we’re going on a camping trip.

If at all possible, I like to get our house in order before we head out of town. Knowing I will return to a tidy home makes it a little easier to accept the fleeting nature of an awesome vacation!

Usually I’ll stay up late the night before a trip to fold laundry, clean up, and pack. During waking hours, my kids are not particularly interested in manual labor, and I’m not particularly interested in multi-tasking with them underfoot!

But today, we tried this game:

Mommy is the queen, and I give the orders. If you follow all of my orders without complaining, then you can watch a Disney movie of your choice. 

We’re not above bribery around here.

The game started with a snack. Remember to feed your subjects, or they’ll eat you!

The queen’s orders included:

  1. Carry bags and toys from the car into the house.
  2. Sort the stack of books teetering off the shelf.
  3. Return stuffed animals to their home in the play room.
  4. Choose 3 stuffed animals to give away to other children.

I am pleased to report that all of my orders were fulfilled! We had a little trouble with item #4, because “these are my best friends I ever had, Mommy.” Anyway, it’s feeling like the queen reigns supreme around here (for now).

Now the big girls are watching Aladdin while the baby naps. (On a separate note — my heart swells when I see my kids laughing at the comic genius of Robin Williams as the Genie. We will always cherish you, Robin!)

Later on, my five-year-old decided (without being “ordered”) that it was time to sort and organize the toy kitchen. Our fourteen-month-old has been the chef-in-residence lately, so this area is basically a disaster zone.

When I noticed Grace sorting away, we had a chat.

Mom: What do you think will happen when Megan finds this?

Grace: (frowns) She will mess it all up.

Mom: Haha! You’re probably right. How many times do you think I have cleaned up after you?

Grace: Probably one hundred times!

Mom: But when you make a mess, I know you’ve been having fun. So what does it mean when Megan comes over and ruins your tidy kitchen?

Grace: (smiles) She was having fun. So I guess I’ll just clean it up again.


To quote the Genie: “[They] CAN be taught!”