May day

We're going down.

The kids are out of control.

To illustrate the vibe around here, I did some digging and uncovered these gems...

Awhile back, the movie Just Married offered some unexpected wisdom that always stuck with me—"You never see the hard days in a photo album...but those are the ones that get you from one happy snapshot to the next." The truth is that some days our relationships are happy and easy, and other days we have to work at it. 

Right now we are definitely working at it.

We're having trouble with listening, kindness, and "pitching in." Normally I'd tell myself, relax, this is just a phase. But I'm having these visions of my tween/teenage kids behaving this way. NOT COOL.

So...we're having a Family Meeting. Next weekend, we're planning a pow-wow to help us get back on track.

Because at the core of it, isn't the most important thing to love each other and feel good? In marriage, as a parent, in life? We just want to be loved and feel good. And if we're not feeling those things, we can do something about it. 

So between now and next weekend, we'll get the kids talking/writing/drawing about this:

we feel good when... 


To be continued...wish us luck! In the meantime, send wine. And hugs.