10 on 10

1. This is us needing to hustle UP because school starts in 42 minutes!

2. Amy is now Martin # 4 out of 5 to come down with this terrible fever/flu. Daddy stayed home sick today too. So far I'm still healthy and have been able to take care of everyone (phew).


3. "Awwjan joo en dare." Translation: orange juice in there. Also, "way back, ma ma." Translation: buckle me into the booster seat in the third row because I am a big girl, duh.

4. This turned out to be a REALLY good batch of broth.

5. Megan chose a warm and fuzzy addition to our Valentine's decor. Later on she added a bunny rabbit too!

6. They say not to eat deli meat while pregnant, pshhhh.

7. Re-defining the term "helpful."

8. I'm having a love-hate relationship with this "spring has sprung" business here in California. AhhCHOO!

9. Digging these "animal glasses" Valentines we found at CVS!

10. This morning I explained to Grace why we document "10 on 10" for our family—here at the end of the day she was super DUPER excited to be the photographer of this last shot. (Not pictured: Amy and Daddy, both tucked into bed by 6:30pm). 

Please send good thoughts and healthy vibes our way. This has been a long few weeks of "expressing health," as our Dr. Jake describes it. Looking forward to all the Martins bouncing back and enjoying this beautiful February weather!

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