10 on 10


1. December days begin with the hunt for Piggy. Even Stella is on elf patrol. 


2. A yucky stomach bug is visiting our house so we've got broth going on all day.  


3. The craft from yesterday's Daisy meeting—snowman hot cocoa kits! So cute, Grace is giving them to her teachers. 


4. Grace came home sick from school and asked to play Minecraft Hour of Code "for as long as I want." Okayyyy.  


5. Meg Dresses Up: Round #1


6. Breakfast for lunch? Don't mind if I do.  


7. Sick kids = couch cuddles


8. Meg Dresses Up: Round #2 (notice the sunglasses-on-head and toy cell phone are popular today)


9. Dinner was baked ziti with sausage and kale. A winner! And the recipe made enough to freeze one extra meal. Future me: don't worry about dinner, I got you.


10. Crazy 8's with daddy before bed. Russ would like to point out that Grace's "barf bowl" is in the shot, gross. I say hey, it was part of our day today!

I hope everyone is feeling better tomorrow!

P.S. Finally figured out how to link up with Rebekah who started the Ten on Ten project, thank you!