10 on 10

1. Must be nice to stay in bed all day...

2. ...but some of us have little monkeys for alarm clocks. 

3. I'm usually pretty devoted to my veggie-egg-avo scramble, but sometimes I change it up. This was quick-cooking steel cut oats, maple syrup, walnuts, fresh berries, lots of cinnamon. Super yum.

4. Just picked Meg up from Mimi and Papa's house after her morning walk; she gets some fresh air while I drop everyone else off at school. 

5. Now we're on our way to music class. Megan rocks out when we play the Music Together CD in the car. Lately she whines "More, more!" in words and in frantic sign language during the 3 second pauses between songs!?!! 

6. Balancing my checkbook instead of folding laundry. Amy made my mouse pad, she calls it a "rainbow drain".....?


7. I did eventually fold one basket. These little people produce an incredible amount of laundry, what is up with that?


8. Oh that's right, it's because they change their outfit approximately 3.5 times a day. 


9. We spent an hour at Osage Park (in new outfits) and had the place to ourselves. Amy's expression melts my heart, she is such a sweet sister.


10. On our way home at 4:30pm. Still getting used to the time change, but I'm not complaining about this view!

It was a good day. Hope yours was too!