Time to cash in your bets....


....Meg is going to be a big sister!

Having been around the block a few times now, I chuckle at the questions people ask pregnant women over and over again. I know the curiosity comes from a place of endearment or a desire to commiserate. I'm definitely guilty of asking the same questions with genuine interest! I try to find patience when I'm asked "How are you feeling?" for the ninth time in a day.

I do enjoy being pregnant and it's fun to share this happy time. So, I wrote out my answers to some of your FAQs, even the nosy ones. The next time we run into each other, you'll probably ask me all of this anyway, and I'll still love you ;-)

"When are you due?" 
March 27th

"Are you hoping for a boy?"
Our kids insist that it MUST be a boy. Of course we would be delighted if that is the case, and we won't be surprised if we end up with four-of-a-kind either! We have our 20-week ultrasound in early November.

"How are you feeling?" 
Tired! I am grateful to have suffered no morning sickness during any of my pregnancies (curse me, I know). Other than sheer exhaustion that strikes at random moments, I have a good appetite and I'm staying reasonably active. I've been selfish/lazy some of the time, and not measuring up to my champion potential most of the time, but I'm okay with cutting myself some slack right now.

"How much weight have you gained?" 
Seven pounds, and I'm about 16 weeks along. I gained 40-60 pounds in my previous pregnancies and I'm cool with it!

"Where will you deliver?" 
Our first two girls were born at Kaiser in Walnut Creek, and our third was born at home. We are planning another home birth for baby #4. Being able to snuggle a new baby in the comfort of my own bed was the best thing ever, I cannot wait!

"Did you plan to get pregnant?" 
Sort of. Russ and I have gone back and forth on this topic for a long time, since before we were married! In July, we were in heavy negotiations and then decided to shelve the conversation for awhile. In August, I was having some weird symptoms and visited my OB who confirmed the good (though unexpected) news. I like to think that we were being indecisive, so this baby just chose us!

"How will you manage four kids?" 
I have no idea. I suppose the same way we manage three kids, but with less sleep and more alcohol? Kidding.

"Are you guys done now?" 
Russ has dubbed this baby "Final Martin" and is tentatively planning a vasectomy around a major PGA event such as the Masters or the U.S. Open, so he can enjoy optimal sports entertainment during his recovery. So yes, following his/her safe delivery I think it's safe to say we're done.

Thanks for all of your love and well-wishes. We are a little bit crazy and a lot excited!